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statistical concepts
Are we like anyone else?
What does it mean to be normal?...
fun with Statistics
Now with statistic humour, statistics is even more fun...
the cinema in numbers        
The basis for a necessarily subjective and restrictive analysis of an art form that is also an industry, and indeed the most fascinating of all... that of illusion...
contact us
Here you can criticise, ask questions, comment or suggest something..
your surroundings
Click on your right to know a little bit more about Portugal regions.
notes on the history of statistics
Here you can gather support material for your statistics, Geography and Economics lessons. dossiers and resources


statistical surveys
Learn here how to design and apply one of the most used instruments in the field of applied research, particularly in
social domains ...



names & dates        

Here you can find the people and facts that matters in the History of Statistics.

graphical representations
Charts are present in nearly all information provision channels, and not even our individual reports can get by without them.
Portugal in figures
A pocket book in PDF format containing statistical data of Portugal, organized in four different areas: Territory, The People, Economic Activity and The State.

ALEA receives international prize (PDF document)


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